Our Mission

Our mission is to expand the human potential through innovative technology. We do that by focusing on the tremendous gap that exists between how we train, strengthen and compete as a species versus the way we allow our bodies to recover. With this in mind we deliver to you only the best quality products on the market.

Our Vision

We believe in nourishing the future for sport. Experimenting, innovating and inspiring so that we can reach new heights, achieve more goals and make greater change.

Our Team

Hey! We are the Recovertech Brothers, Tom and Will Harvey and have been the Official Theragun distributors in Australia since March 2018.

The RecoverTech brothers, Tom and Will

RecoverTech brothers Tom and Will

Tom has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Queensland in Exercise, Sport and Nutrition Science and plays Rugby 7s for both the University of Queensland and the Queensland Reds.
"I bought the Theragun back in January 2018 after tearing my hamstring on an Australian 7s rugby camp and was in constant pain while sitting down, driving a car and still trying to train… It was all the scar tissue that had built up over time. Along came the Theragun G2PRO and I began to notice how drastically the pain subsided after daily use for 2-3 weeks. I was soon using my Theragun every day and the effects on my overall health, performance and well-being were nothing short of life changing. It was at that moment I realised the large majority of Australians who were unaware of this product and set out to become Theragun's official Australian distributor."
– Tom Harvey

Tom and RecoverTech Athlete Andrew Pap

Will has a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Queensland, his hobbies include doing the wrong thing and worrying his mother sick.

"My story begins a short time after my brother's. Right away I saw the outstanding potential for this brand due to its versatile functionality and supreme engineering. However, it was only once I started using the Theragun regularly that I too noticed a significant change in my wellbeing. This coupled with the overwhelming pressure to lock down a career before finishing my business degree was enough to spark my interest in joining my brother as a distributor. Together, I believe we can truly make a difference in people’s lives by providing the best possible service and the highest quality products."
– Will Harvey

Will strutting the Theragun stuff

Events & Athletes

RecoverTech sponsored athlete, Jacqui Bell, the youngest person
in the world to run an ultra marathon on all 7 continents

Recovertech Team