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Platinum Blend could well be the world's most effective and delicious protein!  A luscious blend of nutritious proteins to nourish your body, feed your muscles, and elevate your IGF-1 growth factors.
It's hard to believe, but this extremely hi-tech blend of 5 proteins with it's 40% fast, 30%medium, 30% slow release, mixes instantly and tastes better than a milkshake.

Platinum Blend is a precise blend of the highest qaulity WPI(2 forms), WPC, Egg Albumen and Casien. Urban Muscle have also added extra BCAAs to the mix at the maximum allowable levels. It took our team of experts over a year to get this superior protein blend tasting as smooth and delicious as it does and we are sure you'll agree it was worth the wait.

Platinum Blend makes having protein shakes a very pleasant experience so you will actually want to take them as often as you should.

In a nutshell, the world has never experience anything like this before, the perfect protein with a sensational taste. 

We at Urban Muscle believe that our Platinum Blend of Ion-exchange WPI, Ultra Filtered WPI, Ultra Filtered WPC, Ultra Filtered Casein and Egg Albumen is the best possible combination as a stand alone protein throughout the day and night. Our meticulously chosen 
blend is based on 15 years research and development, combining our own vast experience with supplementation, input from top professional and amateur athletes and consultation with Top Australian Food Scientists. This has proven to us that the multi blend of proteins out performs all other single proteins to ensure the optimum levels of amino acids in your blood stream at all times. 


Ion Exchange WPI -  The purest form of protein available with an exceptional amino acid profile, the highest  biological value and and the highest efficacy ratio of all protein sources.

Ultra Filtered WPI - Super fast absorbing protein with a very high biological availability which is perfect for rapid absorption of aminos.

Ultra Filtered WPC - Easily digested full spectrum Whey Protein Concentrate has a high biological value and is naturally high in branch chain amino acids (BCAA’S).

Ultra Filtered Casein - Anti-catabolic protein with a very slow absorption rate that keeps amino acids releasing into the bloodstream for many hours.

Egg Albumen - Egg Protein is considered a nearly perfect source of protein because its amino acid pattern best matches that needed by humans.

Platinum Blend is designed to be absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream and keep feeding hungry muscles for up to 8 hours! This will ensure the maximum possible results!  


Try it for yourself on 300ml of cold water or 400ml of cold milk and experience protein like nothing before. The Platinum blend is truely a taste sensation.

Four delicious flavours, Chocolate Dream, Vanilla Cream, Strawberry Fresh and Banana.


Serving Size 40g                                  Ave Qty                                 Ave Qty

                                                              Per 40g                                 Per 100g

Energy                                                    676 kj                                    1690kj

                                                              162cal                                    404cal

PROTEIN                                                  34g                                         85g

  - Gluten                                                   0g                                           0g

Fat - Total                                                1.2g                                          3g

       - saturated                                        0.8g                                         2.1g


 - Total                                                      3.2g                                        8.1g

 - Sugars                                                   1.4g                                         3.6g

 - Lactose                                                 0.9g                                        2.4g

Dietry Fibre                                              0.3g                                        0.7g

Sodium                                                    92mg                                     230mg

BCAA'S                                                     8.2g                                       20.5g

Calcium                                                   202mg                                   505mg

                                                               (25% RDI)                            

Potassium                                               286mg                                   715mg  


INGREDIENTS: Platinum Protein Blend 94.4% - Whey Protein Isolates, Whey Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Egg Albumen. Cocoa*. BCAA's - Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine. Thickener (412). Emulsifier (322).Colour (124)**.Sweetener (955). *Chocolate Flavour only, **Strawberry Flavour only.

Contains Milk, Egg and Soy ingredients.

Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.