Why Theragun

Why Theragun

Why have we chosen the Theragun?

Theragun continues to innovate modern solutions for muscle pain relief, performance enhancement, and faster recovery. Today, Theragun products are used by over 250 professional sports teams worldwide, physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, celebrities, athletes, and everyday people in over 40 countries.

As the world leader in percussive therapy, our powerful handheld percussive therapy devices provide a faster, more effective, 100% natural approach to pain relief, athletic performance and recovery, and wellness. Theragun Percussive Therapy overrides the pain signals to the brain, increases heat in the tissue, and releases tension through a combination of 16 mm amplitude and frequency of 40 percussions per second.

 30 Seconds: Muscle activation

That’s all it takes to take your athletic performance to the next level. Quickly sweep your Theragun G3PRO, G3 or liv for 30 seconds per muscle group before your workout to activate and prep. You’ll feel an immediate improvement in range of motion and coordination. Do this anytime you need a boost of energy.

2 Minutes: Pain relief and recovery

The G3PRO’s 60 lbs of force works deep to release knots and alleviate pain, soreness, and tension. Use it for 2 minutes per muscle group post-workout to optimise your recovery or whenever you need relief. Everyday. Think of it as an easier way to foam roll without the pain.

Use the Theragun for 2 minutes every morning for an energising full-body treatment, and 2 minutes every evening to completely recover and relieve. Optimise your day, everyday. For pain relief and muscle recovery, simply float the Theragun for up to 2 minutes per muscle group post-workout. This encourages a deeper state of body relaxation.

Targeted treatment, 6 different ways.

Our founder Dr. J designed each of our unique Pro attachments to provide targeted, area-specific relief for every muscle group, from the large gluteal muscles (Large Ball) to the miniscule muscles of the feet (Cone).

February 17, 2020 — Tom Harvey